Back once again, some months passed since our last post about some vulnerabilities found on Symantec Security Information Manager. We have been pretty busy working on quite a lot of stuff, and today we are proud to announce one of the projects that kept us working hard across the last months. Doing our job, really often we put hands on password hashes and/or other interesting data protected by cryptographic or hashing algorithms, and in certain situations to break those hashed passwords or any cryptographic measures in place to protect data, and do it quickly, can really make the difference. So in the end of last year we started planning to build our private infrastructure to support our activities with password cracking and more generally with high performance GPU computing capabilities. Today we publicly announce we made our first step toward the parallel computing and password cracking services deploying our first GPU cluster.

Yes! This shortly means that we are going to crack passwords, and we will do it as a service.

Our offer for this service is mainly oriented to law enforcement, intelligence and government agencies, military, forensics experts, private detectives and more generally to all the individuals or corporates who want to check the robustness of their passwords. The good news is that if you'll choose us to recover or crack passwords, all of your data will be stored in a safe place, managed following the highest security standards, handled personally, directly and exclusively by our staff on our private infrastructure. We do not rely on public or third-party cloud providers so you know exactly where your data is stored and processed at any time. For a quotation or any further information please contact us at: